Monday, September 14, 2015

How to Talk like a Pirate - and Make Facebook Talk Like a Pirate, Too

For most of the year, I’m con concerned about historical accuracy. For most of the year, I’d tell you that pirates spoke with many accents – their  voices came from Africa, England, Ireland, France, Holland, and even from the native tribes of the Americas.  But that would be most of the year. This Saturday is International Talk Like a Pirate Day, and on that day, there is only one way to Talk Like a Pirate.

The “Pirate Accent” comes from what is called the West Country of England, a land of sailors, smugglers, and, yes, pirates. This accent was created by actor Robert Newton for his role in Treasure Island, and pirating has never been the same since.

So, here’s how you do it:

In the first place, a pirate’s voice should sound like it’s been rum-soaked, tobacco-wreathed, and shouted over gale-force winds for decades. Reach down into yourself and channel your inner pirate. Sound rough, sound deep, and sound loud.

The words “Is” and “Am” and “are” are replaced by the word “be” – So “I am a pirate” becomes “I be a pirate” – “I be a pirate” “You be a pirate” They all be pirates”.

“My” becomes “me”. “I’m a pirate, and so are my friends” becomes “I be a pirates, and so be all me friends”.Of course, you could pirate it up even more and change “my friends” to “me hearties”

In the past tense, “Was” becomes “were”.  “I was a pirate last year, too.” “I were a pirate last year, too!”

In order to add a little flavor, be sure to throw in some piratical words.

“Ahoy maties!” is a great way to greet your friends.

 “Avast” is a less friendly greeting, more like “what are YOU up to?”  It pairs well with a casual insult – you scurvy dog, you old bilge rat.

"Aye!" means "yes".

"Aye Aye!" means "Yes, sir, I'll get right on that!"

“Belay that” means to stop it.

"Lily livered" means cowardly. (Even your internal organs are afraid.)

"Lubber" is pirate speak for a big clumsy galoot. A "land lubber" is even worse.

"Scuttle" means to poke a hole in something. Scuttling a ship renders it useless.

:"Scurvy" is a horrible disease. To call someone a "scurvy" whatever is a fantastic insult. Try it out - "scurvy dog" "scurvy rat" "scurvy villain"  or "scurvy lawyer."

So "Hey there. Quit trying to mess with my friends! I'll stop you if you try any more of this!
"Avast there, ye lily livered bilge rat! Belay messing with me hearties, or I'll scuttle you!"

Or, if you want to spread the cheer a little more easily, try just changing your Facebook language to "English -Pirate".

It's quite simple. Find the column to the right of your news feed, and go down to the bottom where it says "English". Click on the word "English" and it will offer you a list of other languages to choose from. Pick "English - Pirate" from the list, and you are all set to celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day in style, stress free!

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