Saturday, June 1, 2013

Free E-book

For a limited time, I am offering the first story in my Pirate Empire fiction series FREE!

This blog started from my researches into pirate life for this very fiction series. The more I read about pirates, the more I wanted to share the many fascinating facts about these free-living men and women. This has already been an incredible journey for me, learning about writing, editing, publishing, (and, of course, pirates!) and making many new friends along the way. I've presented these works at arts events, over the internet, even on TV!

Now I want to share this with you. Here is your chance to read about Scarlet MacGrath, my very own fictional pirate, the one who started it all!

The year is 1717, and pirate Captain Scarlet MacGrath wants nothing more than a decent meal, a glass of rum and a good man waiting for her in the next port. But life rarely works out that neatly. When the rum runs out, Scarlet sets sail to look up an old friend. But friends turn into enemies pretty quick in this part of the world, and before long Scarlet, her crew, and the good ship Donnybrook are caught between the lawless Donnelly boys and the bloody-handed Red Ned Doyle himself. Can Scarlet use her charms to free herself and her crew, or will it be cutlass and cannon?

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